"Andrew is without a doubt the most talented interior designer I’ve ever known. He has taste, great style and an eye for putting things together that’s unparalleled. His mix of art, the organic and the use of unusual pieces blend together the modern and traditional in a way that is amusing and eye catching. We’ve worked together over 20 years and I’d be lost without him" 

-Paul Wilmot, Founding Partner PWC 2022

"We have used Galuppi Design for four homes over seven years, in different regions of the country, with different types of homes. I have moved over 20 times and Andrew is unequivocally the best designer I have ever used.

First, he has a great eye and an even better ear. Of course, you can employ him to buy everything for you and you would benefit from his great taste, but what fun would that be. Andrew listens, watches and learns while he interacts with you. He finds what your style is and makes it better. He listens to what is important to you and he builds a home that reflects YOUR taste, refined by, his eye. I will never win a design award but our homes are ours and you know it from the time you walk in the door to the moment you walk out. What you don't know is the hours of work, and the passion and energy, Andrew brings to the project.

Second, he can do it all. At first, Andrew just helped us pick out pieces that would round out what we already had. Then he suggested subtle changes to the apartment that would give us more room and an updated look. We didn't want to bother with the contracting so he did it for us. The quality and cost were way better than I could have done myself. Our next project was to challenge Andrew by telling him, he had to use only what we had to furnish a small apartment were we getting. When I walked into the room, I couldn't believe my eyes. I hardly recognized some of the pieces because I had forgotten I owned them. Just the way he put them together, created a whole new look.

For our most recent home we asked him too create a look that would blend into the neighborhood, but reflect our history and taste. We were moving from NYC to Dallas and its fair to say, those are different places. To make matters a little more complicated we were moving during the height of the pandemic. Oh yeah, and were doing all of this in sixty days. Andrew and his team did it all. We doubled the space we had back east, so there was plenty of space to fill.  For one final hurdle we asked Andrew to move everything in for us...I mean everything. Not only did he ensure our utilities were all hooked up but he made sure every towel, spoon and sheet were put away when we walked in. Andrew did it all, including emergency repairs on a precious art piece damaged by the movers.

If it sounds like this is being written by a friend, that's because it is. In the seven years we have known and worked with Andrew, he has earned our trust and our friendship. We don't hesitate to recommend Andrew. We know he will do a great job for you, or he won't take the job. I wouldn't say Andrew's rates are cheap, but I would say they are a great value. We wouldn't think about buying a home without asking for his thoughts. He gives us an extra dimension to ensure our decision making is as informed as it could be.

I wish you good luck in your own venture and hope your searches have been as successful and rewarding as ours have been."

-Paul Hatch, CEO Vestria Capital  2021

"I am a residential real estate broker in NYC. Andrew and his team have completed several jobs for clients of mine over the years. They have all been extremely pleased with his comfortable and natural aesthetic. Andrew has also done projects for me personally. He has a great eye and understands what his clients are looking for. Andrew has a professional work ethic with an easy going personality and is a pleasure to collaborate with."

-Douglass Albert, The Corcoran Real Estate NYC 2020

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